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How can I book?
If you are visiting the island of St.Maarten on a cruise ship, it is best to book your “America’s Cup” crew position directly with your cruise line. You can do this online on the cruise line website, or with the shore excursion desk onboard your ship. If you are staying in a hotel on St.Maarten, contact your hotel activities desk when you arrive.

How long does the trip last?
The tour takes about 2 ½ to 3 hours depending on wind and sea conditions.

Can we bring our children on the tour?
We do not encourage children under the age of 12, unless they are from a sailing family or are very strong or big for their age.

How many people are on each boat?
Each boat takes a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 18 passengers, in addition to our own crew of 3.

How will I know what to do on the boats?
Before the race you will attend a briefing, during which we will give a little history of the America's Cup and select the teams. A skipper will brief you about what you can expect and give you training in your specific crew position.

Which famous boat will I get to sail on?
After the teams have been selected, a coin is tossed to determine which boat you will be racing on. Unfortunately, we can't promise you a certain boat.

Where are the boats located?
Our boats are kept on moorings in Great Bay, Philipsburg, and our compound is located at Bobby's Marina in Philipsburg.

How many yachts do you have, and what are they called?
We have five famous America’s Cup yachts in our fleet. They are Stars & Stripes 86, Stars & Stripes 87, Canada II, True North I, and True North IV.

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